August 28, 2013

The Lady Gaga Method Practiced by Marina Abramović

After seeing a 2' Vimeo video
The Abramović Method Practiced by Lady Gaga

Dear Ms Abramović

Get the fuck off of Kickstarter. Seriously.

It really wasn't intended for artists with major museum retrospectives and pop star fans. Your close "friends" Lady Gaga and James Franco have enough discretionary cash to fund whatever you're doing...or you could just sell another few nostalgic photos of your earlier work...please leave Kickstarter to those of us who actually need the money for our projects to live.

I'm so disappointed every time another artist of your generation strives to institutionalize your brand, name your method, pander to pop stars, or need to be a pop star. The Abramović Method Practiced by Lady Gaga is of course simultaneously the Lady Gaga Method Practiced by Marina Abramović. Roughly translated, while Gaga is studying your totally unique awareness practices, you are studying her star making machinery of hype religion and corporate entertainment. Gaga, instead of helping 1000 unfamous artists, lends her respect as well as her naked body to raising funds in support of the top .001% of performance artists.

Somehow Gaga comes off as humble and real from this encounter while you, Ms Abramović, appear increasingly like a plastic shaman: untouchable, wannabe, fake and claiming a collective history as your own.

Someone inspired by your earlier work and who once shared similar concerns
and tactics,
Keith Hennessy


Alex Romania said...

Thank you.

Eroca said...


Irma Gogiashvili said...

Thank you Keith.

VVVV said...

thanks! a person who just sold her NY appartment with a profit of 1.5 mio $ should indeed get the fuck away from kickstarter.

Chimene Pollard said...

Wow did not know this. Disappointing indeed. Thanks for the always.

Madamlena said...

Dear Keith! Yes! Marina killed Kickstarter and all the 'alike' platforms!!! She should be sued for this fuckin 660.000 $. She s killing Performing Arts in America as well as in Europe and none of us and of any artists will ever see a cent from the cash she s collected.
Against Marina in a middle age crisis with plastic OPs and Givenchy gear†

Anonymous said...

Can you, please, write about Joana Vasconcelos also?! It would be eenlightenment.

Merlin Dietrich said...

Totally. I feel the same way about David Bowie... These cultural vampires who ultimately only deal in glamour.

Charles Flaum said...

It would be enlightenment. Picture Light

Helen Evans said...
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TT Baum said...

Thank you keith


(by the way - the security box that wants me to prove that I am not a robot has "FAME" as the first word to type. fitting).

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