April 20, 2009

CROTCH - Keith Hennessy in NY

Here are links to reviews in the NY Times, Village Voice, and my buddy Don Shewey's blog. After too many tries, 2 of the links aren't working so you'll have to copy and paste. Sorry.

Claudia LaRocco, New York Times
Dance Review | Melanie Maar and Keith Hennessy: A Choreographer Creates Special Ties to the Crowd

Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice


Crotch (all the Joseph Beuys references in the world cannot heal the pain, confusion, regret, cruelty, betrayal or trauma…)
April 2-4, 2009
Dance Theater Workshop, NY

Crotch references the images and actions of artist Joseph Beuys. On the surface the work is about art, its histories and heroes. Deeper, a sadness grows, a queer melancholy. A song, a dance, a lecture, an image. Talking to the dead. Chaos through Play becomes Form.

Performance & installation by Keith Hennessy
Music: Emmy Lou Harris, Craig Armstrong, Teddy Thompson, Down River, Nirvana
Crotch was developed at Ponderosa (Stolzenhagen Germany) in 2007 and was commissioned/presented at L’Arsenic (Lausanne Switz) in 2008.

Crotch was presented in San Francisco in January 2010 as part of A Queer 20th Anniversary celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hennessy's coming out solo performance Saliva. Additional performances include: Impulstanz (Vienna), The Southern (Minneapolis), Bluecoat (Liverpool), and Queer Zagreb.


wasswasswass said...

Is "Crotch" going to make an appearance here? Or did happen already and I missed it?

Keith Hennessy said...

hey andy and everyone - keep your panties on until January 2010 when Crotch comes to San Francisco. Can't wait to share it with y'all as part of A Queer 20th Anniversary.

anu said...

Just to say: I am very touched by your work... Thank you. Haven't seen it live, just a recording, but it still left me very moved and inspired...

Was wondering if you were teaching this year anywhere in Europe apart from Ponderosa? I would like to meet you personally.

All the best!